Your Life!

Because it’s time to trade in stuck, bored & autopilot for purpose, fulfillment & happiness in just 8 weeks

Yes, it’s possible!

Okay, so making the changes you need in your life can seem overwhelming.

Especially when you’re feeling unmotivated, lost or behind everyone else.

But, it’s time to live YOUR LIFE full of the things YOU need to feel truly happy & successful!

Do you ever feel like you: 

  • Are trapped in a lifestyle you don’t want?

  • Watching time pass by & you have little to show for it?

  • Are not making an impact on the world you could be?

  • Might regret how you’ve spent your life?

  • Want to change your life but you don’t know where to start?

YOUR LIFE might look successful from the outside – but does it really feel like the one you want to lead?

You might feel grateful for what you have but YOUR LIFE shouldn’t feel like you are drifting or coasting…

Does it feel like YOUR LIFE has just followed the path of what was expected?

Because here’s the thing…

You need to stop: 

→ Living a life that is shaped by other people’s needs & expectations…

(BTW you might not even realise you are!)

→ Following the bouncing ball

It’s time to define what success means to you.

YOUR LIFE should be intentionally curated by you, full of the things that light YOU up inside, make you feel in YOUR groove & make you look back at YOUR LIFE with joy (and without regrets).

And yes, it is totally possible.

And even though you’ve:

  • Tried to make changes before but little (if anything) changed

  • Got limited time on your hands

  • Responsibilities & priorities you can’t mess with

  • Got to be realistic about what changes you can afford in your life

You can still live a life you love.

I know this because I turned my mundane life, full of responsibilities, functioning on autopilot into one I love.

A life where I have the balance of purpose & enjoyment that feels perfect for me.
And I’ve learned it’s all about finding the perfect ingredients for YOUR LIFE.

(Your busy, beautiful, one-time-only life!)

Because do you know what will happen when you are living YOUR LIFE?

→ You wake up excited to get started because YOUR LIFE is full of meaningful activities

→ You stop wishing for holidays & weekends because the things you do day-to-day are truly rewarding

→ Your connections with people improve because your happiness & gratitude have increased

→ You find new energy & motivation because you are inspired & pointed in the direction you want to take your life

→ You know how to turn any day into one that feels worthwhile & purposeful

Imagine you were able to achieve all of this in 8 weeks with a proven system you can use for the rest of your life. (Really!)



Your Life!

A fully supported step-by-step program that will help you transform YOUR LIFE into one full of the things YOU truly need & desire!

What to expect

  • Take stock of where your life is right now so you know where you need to make intentional changes
  • To peel back all the external noise & expectations in your life so you can uncover what really makes you tick
  • To discover the activities you need in your life to feel truly fulfilled & happy
  • To learn how to make lasting meaningful changes that fit into your life so you can be realistic about your goals
  • Start achieving the things in your life you desire the most.
  • Learn what might be getting in the way of your efforts to create a new life so you can tackle them head on
  • Learn how to keep chasing your goals even when the going gets tough
  • Celebrate your successes & learn the secret to maintaining what you need in your life so you can always chase your dreams
Your life program

But how is this different from all the things you’ve tried before?

This program offers a unique combination of:

Detailed content & flexibility of a self-paced course

→ Specific support & accountability of one-on-one coaching (through 24/7 access to me!)

→ Content & methodology that fits into your life with all of its responsibilities & challenges.

→ And ME to offer cheerleading & tough love whenever needed (And I am super passionate because I know what you are going through and how great YOUR LIFE can be!)

annie mudin Your life

I recommend Annie’s content because she has a way of addressing really sensitive and tough subjects in a way that makes it feel less daunting and approachable.

It worked well for me that Annie concentrates on making things as quick and easy as possible. I have a pretty heavy work load and like to prioritise family time so I appreciated how easy it was to fit the content into my busy schedule.

Amanda D.

St. Ives, Australia


So, are ready to love everyday of the week and feel purposeful and energised?

It’s time to take the first step.

Your life program

How it works

Week 1

Where are you at?

Find out what’s really going on in your life at the moment. Time to audit, review, reflect & understand why you feel the way you do.


Week 2

What’s important to you?

 Time to explore your desires, values, preferences & ideas of success so you can truly understand the things that will make your life feel whole.


Week 3

YOUR LIFE needs?

Find out what’s missing from your life. Explore what your life needs to feel the way you need it to feel (eg. awesomeness).


Week 4

How to create YOUR LIFE

Time to understand the secrets to creating the life your want. Everyone is different – so it’s time to start learning what YOU need for successful change.


Week 5

Start living YOUR LIFE!

Time to get the ball rolling on your new life! Time to set a goal to concentrate on for the next month (and I will be there every step of the way!) 


Week 6

What’s in the way?

Change isn’t easy, but once we understand what is stopping us we can start pushing through it. Time to reflect & check-in (so you can keep building a life you love!)


Week 7

Your success toolbox

Even your dream life will have bad days. Time to discover the tools you need when you fall off the dream building wagon. (Plus, goal check-in!)


Week 8

Celebrate & reset!

Pop the champers! You’re  fully stocked with your dream life’s ingredients! Time to reflect on what we’ve achieved & set you up to keep on going! 


What will happen

You’ll go from:

  • Feeling not fully present in your life to intentional & motivated
  • “I shouldn’t be feeling like this” to “I’m exactly where I want to be”
  • Feeling scared to make changes to understanding why changes are exactly what you need
  • Living the cubicle life in Office Space to your dream life “If you had a million dollars”

And you’ll stop:

  • Worrying it is getting too late to find what you really love to do
  • Feeling like you’ve got nothing exciting to look forward to & start being excited about your day-to-day
  • Worrying about time passing & start feeling rewarded by the activities in your day
  • Feeling behind everyone else & find exactly where you need to be
  • Feeling confused about how to approach your goals to creating systems to reach your desires
  • Coasting with no direction and aim to having a clear understanding about what you need to achieve
Your life program

What you don’t need to worry about 

  • “I have so much going on” – I know finding time (& motivation) for yourself can be tough. But I am here to keep you on track for about 60mins per week to start building a life you feel truly proud of.
  • “I have tried things before” – I hear you. What’s different about this is the intention to fully arm you with what you need to know to make lasting change – specific to you. This includes how you can motivate yourself. And with me by your side, we can address and navigate any specific issues as they come up.
  • “I struggle to get goals into motion” – We all do! There are a few key ingredients that can set you up for success and we’ll be covering these in the program.
  • “I can never decide on what needs to change” – It’s not uncommon to feel like you need a change but you don’t know what. In this program, you’ll discover a range of possibilities to choose from.
  • “I am a procrastinator at heart” – No worries, you’ve got me to help push you through but you’ll also gain knowledge that can explain your tendencies.
  • “I don’t want to be hounded” – My intention is to support you to get the most out of the course. If we make some adjustments to how we communicate along the way – that is totally okay.
  • “I’m not good at sticking to self-paced content” – That’s why you’ve got me to act as a pace setter!
  • “I get excited then things wear off” – Luckily you have great content and a great cheerleader to keep you on track.   
  • “This isn’t a great 8 weeks for me” – Let’s talk. You have lifetime access to the course and 1:1 support is for the first 8 weeks – But, I’m never going to stop caring! 

What’s inside?

Your life program

→ Online learning platform – Lifetime access

All course content will be housed in an easy to use learning platform. This is just the first iteration of the program, as more is added, you’ll continue to have full access.

Value: $997

→ Weekly videos

The content for each week will be presented in step-by-step video format. This allows you to watch whenever & take it at your own pace!

Value: $1,600

→ Comprehensive workbooks

Each week of the program will have a workbook to help you complete in-depth activities.

Value: $800

→ 1:1 Text Based Support (ie.Your own personal cheerleader!)

Besides email, you’ll have 24/7 access to me via a messaging app.

Value: 1,597


Annie’s heart and vision to see her clients come into the fullness of what they truly desire is beautiful to witness. Her genuine desire to learn and grow are admirable traits to consider in your next mentor – definitely connect with her, you’ll be glad you did!

Evelyn Fuson

Life and Mindset Coach, Host of The Evelyn Fuson Show, Speaker and Writer

annie mudin Your life

Did I say 24/7 1:1 coaching access?

Yes I did!

  • This program has all the perks of 1:1 coaching!
  • I’ll be here to answer your questions, cheer you on and prompt you with tough love (when needed)!
  • That means I’m 100% committed to your personal success
  • I cannot wait to connect with you and support you to make all the changes you need & desire! 

The good thing about Annie’s content is everyone can benefit from it.

I was thinking about doing one on one coaching because I wanted an experience that was specific to my needs. But Annie presents her content in a way that you feel like you are getting a program specifically for what you need.

Aparna D.

Sydney, Australia

Your Life! 8 week program

Time to stop going through the motions and start living YOUR LIFE! (That’s a life where you feel like you’re thriving & have everything you need!)

This course is designed to fit into YOUR LIFE so you can insert those missing ingredients that you need in a life you love!

TOTAL VALUE $4,994+ for


Introductory Offer


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Hi, I’m Annie!

I help professional women who are feeling stuck transform their lives into ones that feel rewarding and meaningful with the content and support they need.

How do I know I can help? Because I have been there!

I have felt stagnant and lost. I have lived a life that looked successful from the outside but felt completely meh and blah.

Through a long trial and error process I worked out how to solve the disconnect between a life that is just going through the motions to one that feels happy and worthwhile. And I want to share it with you!

I have created a step-by-step program that allows you to dive into what is truly important to you and what is missing, so you can transform it with the love & support you need. 

annie mudin Your life

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

You if you are ready to make a change. You are ready to dig deep into your life and put in the time and effort to make lasting change. This means you are ready to commit, ready to get uncomfortable & ready to have fun.

This course is not for you if:

You are looking for someone else to do the work, if you aren’t ready to put yourself first for an hour a week and if you’re not ready to face the challenges that come with building a life you love. 

Program Doors Close In








Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be by the end of the program?

You’ll be knee-deep in a new life! You will understand what is truly important to you and what activities you need to dial up in your life. You will know how to make effective change in your life and have already completely 1 month of successful goal achievement.

Will I need lots of time to complete the program?

The program is designed to take around 60mins a week (however you need to carve that up to fit). There will be a lot of reflective questions so – it will be important to be able to find time and space for yourself so you can get the most out of the program.

What does the 1:1 coaching component look like?

Before the course starts you’ll let me know how much support you think you will need (don’t worry you can change this!). I will then check in via email & text with you as arranged, as well as touching based with you to check in, you can also ask questions whenever you need. Plus, sometimes I’m just going to want to say HI!

When does the course start?

Monday June 6th. YAY!

Will I actually be working on my goals?

Yup! The first four weeks will be about exploring what goals you need to work towards to build a life you love. The next four will be working on a goal (plus learning tips & tricks each week).

How is the content delivered?

You’ll have videos to learn about content, workbooks to work through activities (and me to make sure you are fully supported & on track!).

Do I need prior knowledge?

Nope! You just need an open heart, a willingness to change, some curiosity & that feeling that “the time is now”!

What if my needs in this program are unique?

Of course they are! And the whole program is designed with this in mind. Your journey through the program content will be shaped by your needs and preferences and I will be there right along side you offering you the level of support that you want & need to achieve your objectives.

Ready to take the first step towards the life you’ve been longing for?

Here’s what happens after you clickety-click that magical button!

  • You’ll be taken to the payment page and complete the purchase with any major credit card to complete your enrollment. 
  • Right after you pay, you’ll be logged into the learning platform so you can access the welcome material. Plus, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of your fancy membership deets (where to go, how to log in, etc). So, keep an eye on your inbox! 
  • There is a welcome video and form waiting for you to complete. (The details we need to get started).
  • Then, I’ll set you up with everything you need so we can start texting & building your new life together! I’m so excited!

Your Life!

8-week program with 1:1 coaching support

Start living a life that feels

→ 8 weeks action oriented program content – Value $3,397

→ 1:1 text based coaching support – Value $1,597


Introductory Offer



You are fully protected by our 2 week money back guarantee.

I know how transformational this program can be if you put in the work. That’s why I’m backing it up with a 14 day money back guarantee. If you go through the first 14 days of the program and you don’t think its for you, email me your completed workbooks for week 1&2  and I’ll gladly return your money!