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For professional women who’ve built a successful corporate career but:

  • Feel like there could be more out there for them
  • Are juggling many balls and forgetting about themselves
  • See fear as a barrier and not an invitation
  • Are ready to take tiny steps towards a life they love
  • Are ready to embrace the infinite possibilities once they truly understand themselves and what they need

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Learn what it takes to be truly aligned with what you need in your life, embrace fear as an invitation and find the goals you need to juggle in your busy life.

World renowned & award winning experts:

Personally & universally facing fear as an invitation


Life and Mindset Coach, Host of The Evelyn Fuson Show, Speaker and Writer


Discussion highlights:

  • What is personal is universal
  • Our biggest hurdle is fear (it’s ALL about fear)
  • Fear as an invitation
  • The importance of failure
  • The complexity of change
  • Getting the help you need

Start the conversation about wanting more 


Author, Coach & Mum to 4!


Discussion highlights:

  • Sometimes you don’t realise you are stuck (but the warning signs are there)
  • The complexity of “How are you?” when you are stuck
  • What’s your identity when you are a mum?
  • It’s okay to want more (and you don’t need to know what you want)

Manifestation complexity & the importance of knowing who you are


Intuitive Business Coach for those on the path of higher consciousness, making business aligned and easy


Discussion highlights:

  • Manifestation within reach
  • Surrendering and being yourself
  • Understanding there will always be discomfort
  • The delay you feel may be perfect timing
  • Moving forward in life all comes back to knowing who you really are

The juggling act of your perfect goals


The Mom Life Ninja


Discussion highlights:

  • Give yourself permission to discover what you want & dream big
  • The importance of personal goals before professional goals
  • Intentionally juggling the glass and rubber balls in your life
  • The life you want might seem inconceivable at first
  • When things feel a bit off – there can actually be a big problem

Triumphing over any trauma


Award winning author, speaker, coach and choreographer


Discussion highlights:

  • The importance of taking one step at a time
  • It’s a mental game – regardless of the physical battle
  • Make the choice every day to move forward
  • As we change our community changes (and that’s okay)



Content Creator, Coach & passionate about getting people unstuck


Feeling stuck isn’t uncommon. Every day can feel the same. Our days, weeks years disappear. We might want more, but don’t think it’s a possibility.

I have been there. And I wish I knew then – you don’t have to settle in life. Your dreams really can be a reality.

If this resonates with you. Then, I have put this seminar together for you. Jammed pack full of inspirational advice to encourage & support you. With women that understand your journey and are cheering you on.

Learn from experts how to build a life you love the easy way (because life should never feel routine and same-same)