Need a weekend for yourself to relax, reflect & hit restart?

The South Coast Tumbuh Retreat – is an opportunity to say “Yes” to yourself. 

It’s the time & space you need to focus on yourself and uncover how to transform this year into the one your heart has been waiting for.

Let’s be honest for a moment…

If we are not careful, this year will be exactly like the last.

It will be over in a flash, we will wonder what we have to show for it & we will end up with the same goals & dreams we have right now.

If you don’t want more of the same – you need to prioritise yourself.

If you want real changes in your life, you need to find a place of peace & creativity, and tap into your best self. From here you can uncover your dream goals and put a solid plan in place.

The key is to say “Yes” to yourself this year. 

And give yourself the opportunity and tools to take things to the next level.

What to expect:

  • Unwind with yoga & meditation sessions targeting what your mind & body is craving
  • A coaching day to uncover the next step you need to up-level your life, refresh your days & restart your motivation
  • A unique farewell reflection session that will incorporate your mind, body, senses, and spirit to integrate your weekend learnings and set off on a delicious note. 
  • An intimate group to support you through a personal journal of discovery
  • A beautiful & relaxed cozy beach vibe
  • Delicious & healthy food
  • The time & space you need to change your perspective & take much-needed steps forward

    Hi – I’m Annie!

    I spent many years thinking life was okay – but I wanted more! After a long personal growth journey, I have transformed my life by understanding a few fundamental concepts. This includes – how to live aligned with my core values & desires and how to create a fulfilling life by letting go of the ideas & beliefs that don’t serve me. And I want to show you how you can do this too.

    I want you to have the tools & support you need to create a life that feels perfect for you and is filled with things that bring you meaning and joy.

    This is why I created the Tumbuh Retreat.

      The Tumbuh Retreat details:

      • Where: Malua Bay, South Coast, New South Wales (Beautiful location approx. 2 hours drive from Canberra, 4 hours from Sydney)
      • When: March 31st, Friday afternoon to April 2nd, Sunday morning
      • Spread between two gorgeous & cozy beachfront homes
      • An exclusive retreat with a maximum of 8 spots
      • Pay a deposit quickly to secure your spot!
        “Tumbuh with Annie was a beautiful retreat both a delightful experience and work that delivered practical outcomes. Since the retreat, I have made meaningful progress on goals important to me. I loved Annie’s exercises to understand the values and desires that sit under our goals – I now understand my ‘why’. Annie is a skilled coach and facilitator, gently inviting each of us to live our best lives and meet our potential. Liz provided the most delicious and healthy food. Overall it was a fantastic experience that I highly recommend.”
        – Clare, Canberra (Tumbuh Retreat, Northern Beaches)

        Your Options:

          House A Double Room

          This amazing house is the primary location for the retreat. For your two-night stay, expect gorgeous rooms, breathtaking views, and a delicious level of luxury & coziness.

          Price $997

          Sold Out

          House B Double Room

          A few minutes’ walk from the primary house this cozy beach house has everything you need to relax & press restart for your two-night stay.

          Price $747

          Sold Out

          Share with a friend

          Sharing is caring! If you want to bring a friend & share a double room together it’ll be a perfect way to treat yourselves to a transformative weekend.

          Price $529 per person

          Sold Out

          Your Host:

          Annie Mudin, Coach, Author & Speaker

          Annie is a personal growth writer, speaker, and coach.  After 15+ unfulfilling years in the corporate world, Annie uses her experience to help women who are feeling stuck in their lives and ready for more. Annie is passionate about supporting and encouraging women with her articles, courses, and events to rethink the way they approach their day-to-day so their lives can align with what they truly need and desire. As seen in, Life Goals Mag & ThriveGlobal.

            Your Guest Host:

            Alys McLennan, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Social Worker, Trauma Therapist

            Alys is a Yoga Australia registered Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher. As a Trauma therapist, Social Worker and yoga teacher, Alys specialises in trauma specific care and therapeutic yoga formats. Alys’ passion in the yoga space is to assist people to move away from stress and tap into their own inner resources, leaving them feel more centred and empowered. As such, she combines yoga and therapeutic trauma care in family and individual therapy sessions as well as self-care training days for professionals and therapeutic group programs. Alys enjoys focussing on the healing qualities of yoga whilst teaching as she believes the tools assist people to experience a sense of overall wellbeing in their daily life.

              Any Questions

              If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at