Ready to stop going through the motions & discover what you need to make every day feel meaningful & fulfilling?

I’m so excited to invite you to take a moment for yourself to relax & reflect and uncover what you need in your life to flourish.

It’s so easy for days & years to pass by QUICKLY & to feel like you have nothing to show for it…

But I’ve got the answer for you. Know how to intentionally craft your days so they are aligned with your deepest desires & values.

Join me and I’ll show you how!

Interested in Joining Us In

Sydney on Saturday Nov 12th?

interested in Joining us

online on Nov 19th/20th?

(Date depends on your time zone – more details are below.)

I know life can be busy.

But, gifting yourself time for self-care and self-reflection will not just benefit you.

When you have the tools to live a life you love – the people you care about most will benefit from it too!

This retreat is an opportunity to…

  • Reflect on your year & discover where your focus needs to be
  • Explore your most important values & desires so you can tend to them every day
  • Form a vision of what your life needs to be to feel more meaningful & fulfilled
  • Learn how to move forward with what you need in your busy life so you can make your dreams a reality.

This retreat is for YOU if you need to:

  • Take a fresh step forward in your life
  • Stop feeling stuck and on auto-pilot
  • Feel like a better version of yourself
  • Start living a life that makes your heart sing

It’s time to ignore the thoughts telling you what you can’t do

– why you can’t do it – and all the issues you face.

(These are just thoughts that should not be stopping your dream life from unfolding!)

Come join us in one of our two options!

Sydney, Australia – Day Retreat

Saturday, 12th Nov 2022

Have a relaxed day of self-discovery in a cosy holiday apartment – so you can start living your desires, uncover your blocks and create a perfect plan for fulfilling and lasting change.

All you need to bring is your comfy clothes & positive vibes!

Online retreat – half Day

Australia Time Zone – Sun Morning, 20th Nov 2022

US Time Zone – Sat Evening, 19th Nov 2022

Take a few hours to reflect & discover what you truly desire in your life so you can start making meaning changes right away.

Create the perfect retreat wherever you are in the world!

Hi – I’m Annie!

I spent many years thinking life was okay – but I wanted more! After a long personal growth journey, I have transformed my life by understanding how to live aligned with my fundamental values & desires. And I want to show you how you can too. 

I want you to have the tools and support to create a life that feels perfect for you and is filled with things that bring you meaning and joy. And this is why I have created the Tumbuh Retreat.

Annie’s heart and vision to see her clients come into the fullness of what they truly desire is beautiful to witness. Her genuine desire to learn and grow are admirable traits to consider in your next mentor – definitely connect with her, you’ll be glad you did!

Evelyn Fuson

Life and Mindset Coach, Host of The Evelyn Fuson Show, Speaker and Writer

The good thing about Annie’s content is everyone can benefit from it.

I was thinking about doing one on one coaching because I wanted an experience that was specific to my needs. But Annie presents her content in a way that you feel like you are getting a program specifically for what you need.

Aparna D.

Sydney, Australia