Take the easy path to get unstuck & kickstart your life into gear. 

Here’s the thing… If you are ready for something different in your life – you need to do something different.

This is easier said than done.

Even if you are determined to take action sometimes the next steps can feel like a mystery. And if you can work out those next steps – achieving them can feel impossible. 

That’s where I can help.

Because I am passionate about supporting you to: 

  • Get unstuck and make your days feel meaningful & fulfilling
  • Stop feeling like you are settling and start feeling successful
  • Stop living in the status quo and start living big dreams
  • Take yourself to the next level so you can stop wondering ‘what if’ and start making an impact on the world
  • Give yourself permission to step outside what is expected of you and into what is truly calling you

To be honest with you, all of these things really come from the same solution:

Understand who you truly are & what you truly need to build a life that seriously knocks your socks off

And before you start listening to all your negative self-talk, I want you to know a few facts: 

  • You will think of a million reasons not to change your life for the better (it’s your brain’s job) 
  • Choosing not to do anything could mean more of the same (for years)
  • The little voice inside that talks about bigger dreams – is your heart nudging you toward more fulfillment & happiness (so you need to listen!)
  • A life similar to the people you’re jealous of – is totally possible for you (you know you want it!)
  • It is possible for you to love your work and fill your days with all the meaning & happiness you desire (this is exactly what you deserve!)

For many years, I lived a fine but super-average life. I went through the motions, did what was expected, and accepted that life was meant to be average. But, I never gave up trying to make things better.

I think the biggest secret I have discovered on my journey is that most of us are heading in a direction that doesn’t serve us, not because we aren’t trying, but because we don’t know enough about ourselves to take the right path.

And really, all you need is a helping hand to guide you in the right direction for self-discovery and some big dreams.

So this is why I created the SYSO Workshop.

    This is for you if you:

    • Are ready to start filling your life with things that feel important & meaningful to you
    • Have had enough of waiting and are ready to take the action required to create a new life
    • Want to take small and practical steps to shift the gears in your life
    • Need a friend to guide you and hold your hand – but also kick you into action when you need it
    • Are ready to stop making excuses and start creating a life you are crazy about.

    The workshop lowdown.

    This two-hour one-on-one zoom workshop is an opportunity to start discovering: 

      • What is really going on in your life right now (unraveling this is an important first step to making the right changes)
      • Your fundamental values & beliefs that drive you and your decisions (this will support you to better understand how to move forward)
      • The ingredients missing from your life that could support you to feel more fulfilled & successful
      • How to bust through barriers that are holding you back from your dreams
      • The hidden dreams that require to you take off the handbrake and start leaning into what you truly desire
      • The next important step to making the meaningful and lasting change you want

    Annie’s heart and vision to see her clients come into the fullness of what they truly desire is beautiful to witness. Her genuine desire to learn and grow are admirable traits to consider in your next mentor – definitely connect with her, you’ll be glad you did!

    Evelyn Fuson

    Life and Mindset Coach, Host of The Evelyn Fuson Show, Speaker and Writer

    The SYSO workshop details

    • Two-hour zoom coaching workshop (value $994)

    • Post-call digital support for three weeks (value $291)

    • Post-call Sort Your $h*t Out Action Plan (value $397)

    Total Value – $1,682

    Your Price – $497

      What happens next:

      Once you purchase the SYSO Workshop you will: 

      • Receive an information pack detailing the process
      • Receive a scheduling link so you can book an appointment at a time that works for you
      • Have the 1:1 SYSO Workshop
      • Receive a post-workshop Sort Your $h*t Out Action Plan 
      • Get three weeks of digital access to me so you can be fully supported in making the first meaningful steps toward your new life


        If we haven’t met before – I’m Annie!

        I’m a coach, writer & speaker. After 15+ unfulfilling years in the corporate world, I was able to transform my life into one full of meaning & purpose, and honestly, beyond any of my dreams. It took me a long personal growth journey to get to where I am. But, now I use my experience to help other women who are feeling stuck in their lives and ready for more. If this resonates with you – you are in the right place.

        As seen in Mamamia.com, Life Goals Mag, & ThriveGlobal.

          I can’t recommend Annie’s content and courses enough.

          She has an incredible insight into people and takes a highly practical approach to helping you achieve your goals.

          Her gentle guidance will help you return to yourself, identify your passions and goals in life, and create a plan to achieve these.

          In a world of distractions she offers a calm, focused and practical space. You will feel calmer, happier and more in control of your life through engaging with Annie.

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          Clare G., Canberra, Australia

          Any Questions

          If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at annie@sharinghangover.com