*In case you were wondering, your best self is the one where you’re the person you want to be in relationships, achieve levels of success that make you proud, positively impact the lives around you & generally feel awesome.

So, I have a question for you:

Do you feel like you’ve spent life “doing all the right things” but can’t shake the feeling you’re not quite fulfilled & you want more?

You are not alone.

There are two main reasons for this. One, is many of us go through life heavily influenced by the environment around us. And two, because of the way our beautiful brains work.

As a result, when you examine your way of thinking and the choices you make, you may discover you’re operating in a way that doesn’t fully serve you. In fact, it could be keeping you from living aligned with who you really are and creating a life that feels meant for you.**

**FYI – A life that feels meant for you feels like you are doing what excites & fulfills you. You wake up every morning excited to start the day and you put your head on the pillow every night feeling content and satisfied.

So, here’s what I know…

I know this because I have been on this journey (actually, I’m still on it) and I want to support you to do the same.

So, I am putting the most important ideas & lessons I have learned into this workbook/journal/planner (yes, it’s a Slashie) so you can discover what’s fundamental & important to you, rethink your daily patterns & routines, and incorporate easy changes so you can feel like the person you are meant to be.***

***The person you were meant to be is aligned with your desires, passions, talents & goals, the things that make you happy, and the things you find meaningful, purposeful & fulfilling.

Honestly, for me, the transformation has been incredible. I went from feeling like I had to settle for a fine but average life, numbing myself with any rubbish on TV, assuming that only super lucky people could love their jobs, and accepting that success and fulfillment were only for other (lucky) people.

Now, I love what I do, I feel personally fulfilled & successful, and get excited when I think about the awesome things on my to-do list.  (And FYI – I rarely find something to watch on TV that feels worth my time.) In fact, when I went to blew out the candles on my birthday cake this year, I couldn’t think of anything more to wish for (which slightly annoyed me because I wasted the wish)!

And this is what I want for you.

(The life-changing bit – not the bit about the TV or the birthday cake)

I recommend Annie’s content because she has a way of addressing really sensitive and tough subjects in a way that makes it feel less daunting and approachable.

It worked well for me that Annie concentrates on making things as quick and easy as possible. I have a pretty heavy work load and like to prioritise family time so I appreciated how easy it was to fit the content into my busy schedule.

Amanda D.

Sydney, Australia

This is for you if you: 

  • Want to unwind on the weekends knowing your week was purposeful & worthwhile
  • Are ready to discover what will make the difference between an average and a dream life
  • Want to stop thinking “if only” and start living a life that excites you
  • Are ready to quit your never-ending quest for the clothes, handbags, and things that will make you happy
  • Want to stop waiting for things to happen and start following your passions & desires to create a rewarding life

What’s inside:

  • Self-coaching content & questions that support you to uncover the truth behind how you function in the world and how to bring your life into alignment with your fundamental needs and desires. (Workbook bit)
  • Questions & space to reflect upon how you got to where you are, how you can create the life you long for, and what might be holding you back. (Journal bit)
  • Weekly planner pages to track your progress and generally organise your life as required. (Planner bit)

What you get:

  • A new digital document (editable PDF) every 4 weeks for 20 weeks
  • 5 life-changing topics to support you to create a new way of thinking, living, and achieving what you truly desire
  • Each topic will cover content such as:
    • An explanation of the topic and why it is important
    • Self-discovery questions to understand how the topic relates to your life
    • Activities to support change & awareness
    • Weekly reflections & action steps to keep you on track and continually moving forward
The second topic drop will be 1st March 2023

Regular Price $97

Special Introductory Price $79

The good thing about Annie’s content is everyone can benefit from it.

I was thinking about doing one on one coaching because I wanted an experience that was specific to my needs. But Annie presents her content in a way that you feel like you are getting a program specifically for what you need.

Aparna D.

Strathfield, Australia

This workbook/journal/ planner will give you everything you need for a meaningful self-discovery journey. It will support you in deeply exploring topics that will enable you to positively transform your days and live the life that you have been longing for.

 But if you are thinking: 

  • I have a habit of buying these things but never doing it
  • I always have questions 
  • I need extra support
  • I know I’m going to want a more 
  • I don’t want to go this journey alone
  • This is going to be a big ride and I want all the hand-holding I can get
  • I’m going to need someone to keep me motivated and accountable
I’ve got the perfect solution for you.

The Coaching Plus Package is the perfect solution if you are committed to change and you want extra help, love and encouragement to support you on the Rethink You journey. This extra package includes: 

  • 24/7 digital access to me (via Voxer messaging app or similar) from February 1 to June 30 (Value $1,940).
  • Extra content every month (think meditations, tips, reminders, messages of encouragement) to support your exploration of the topic. (Value $497)
  • A new best friend, cheerleader, and accountability partner so you can commit right now to making the changes you know you need in your life. (Priceless!)
Value $2,437+

Special Introductory Price $297

Special January Prices & How it works

Rethink You (Workbook, Journal, Planner)

What you get:

  • Rethink You is a digital document (editable PDF) you will receive in installments.
  • You will receive a total of 5 in-depth topics
  • Generally, each topic will consist of:
    • Topic introduction
    • In-depth reflection, journal & self-coaching questions
    • Weekly themes & activities to consider on per-week planner pages
    • End-of-month reflection & journaling questions

How it works:

  • Once you purchase Rethink You – you will have access to the Introduction Section via an online platform
  • The first topic drop was on February 1 2023 and there will be a new topic drop every 4 weeks for 20

Regular Price $97

Special Introductory Price $79

Rethink You + Coaching Package Plus

What you get: 

  • Rethink You (details above) 
  • Coaching Plus Package:
    • 24/7 digital access to me from February 1 to June 30 
    • Extra content every month to support your exploration of the topic
    • A new best friend, cheerleader & accountability partner so you can commit right now to making the changes you know you need in your life

How it works: 

  • In addition to the Rethink You content detailed above, you will get: 
    • An extra package of content each month delivered via the online platform for deeper transformation
    • Prompts, reminders, tips & extra info throughout the month to support you to stay on course
    • Digital access (via messaging app) to me through email & a digital messaging service so I can answer all your questions, support you, and keep you accountable.
    • Once you purchase the package I will be in touch with all the details you need

Value $2,437+

Special Introductory Price $376
(includes Rethink You $79 & Coaching Plus Package $297)