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Aiming to make life feel less… blah.

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    What I Do

    Person Growth Content

    I produce online content that encourages self-reflection and personal growth through personal goals.

    I focus on helping people that are busy with work and families make small changes.  These changes will lead to the lives they want – with increased feelings of happiness, fulfilment and meaning.

    My content is grounded in the research of the psychology of purpose and happiness (because any parent knows that purpose does not equal happiness).

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    I love how relatable Annie’s website is and she has created a program that is so easy to follow in order to stick to a routine. The reason why I stuck to her and her content was how easy it was to reach out in order to ask for advice and encouragement.

    Annie is helping people (myself included) with content like her Goals Workbook that was an amazing way to keep myself in check and it was very easy to access.

    Annie has helped me tremendously with sticking to my goals, I reached out when I was having a chronic issue of procrastinating with my goals are Annie gave me great advice that I have been sticking to ever since. I am beyond grateful.

    Augusta O.

    Maastricht, Netherlands.

    I can’t recommend Annie’s content and courses enough.

    She has an incredible insight into people and takes a highly practical approach to helping you achieve your goals.

    Her gentle guidance will help you return to yourself, identify your passions and goals in life, and create a plan to achieve these.

    In world of distractions she offers a calm, focused and practical space. You will fell calmer, happier and more in control of your life through engaging with Annie.

    Clare G.

    Canberra, Australia.

    My Story

    How I Got Started

    Once upon a time, my life was fine – it was just a bit… blah.

    My main motivation for dragging myself through my 9-5 was my next holiday.

    I would then take a two-week holiday & spend the next 2 months with the post-holiday blues.

    My Story


    I was always thinking about other places to move, possible career changes and life-changing opportunities.

    I spent 15+ years in the corporate world – feeling like I needed something else. There was nothing overtly wrong with my job or life… I just had a “there has got to more to life” feeling.

    Throughout my career – I followed the bouncing ball. Which meant I became more and more qualified for a career that felt… meh.

    I became a busy project manager implementing financial software into Australia’s biggest financial institutions. But, I felt bored and… blah. (What I now realise is – I felt unfulfilled.) 

    My blah feelings from work spilled into blah feelings about life generally. And life became just about work and (my good friends) couch and TV. Which was fine. It was just a bit… meh. 

    Plus, it kinda felt like most people were living lives that were… blah. So, I guessed that was what adulting looked like. I guessed success happened to other people. And I guessed that was just what life was.

    In saying this, I was always trying to make changes. More qualifications, volunteering, the occasional new hobby. I was always looking for something more. But always returning to that feeling of… blah. 

    My lowest point… when we were struggling to have a baby… I was questioning the meaning of life. I would get depressed when the sun came up. And wanted to retreat into a dark hole.  

    After a lot of Googling – I decided I was having an existential crisis. 

    After further research – I decided that I had been having an early mid-life crisis – for the last 8 years.

    Then I got pregnant…


    My Story

    How I Got Here

    My story went on hold for about two years. 

    Until one day, when I was finally getting enough sleep to think clearly again – I had a strange “light bulb moment”. 

    I decided I was going to start a blog. Because I wanted to help people and this seemed like the best way to reach a decent number of people.

    Now, this might not sound that crazy to you. But at the time: 

    • I had never read a blog
    • I was generally afraid of technology 
    • I had never been on social media (yes – I am a millennial and my peers have been on Facebook since the beginning)
    • And I had no idea what I was actually going to write about. 

    However, once I started, I realised I had accidentally found something that combined my passions and skills that felt… meaningful. 

    For the first time, I had a strong sense that I had a purpose and this was what had been missing from my life that felt…blah.

    I no longer felt like I was just putting up with life. I was no longer dreaming about all the other things that might make it better.

    Through sharing my content – it became clear to me that I could draw on my various accumulated (& assumed irrelevant) skills, such as: executive coaching; research and psychology; facilitating change; effective content delivery; and problem analysis and solving. And, I could package them up into content to help people skip the long rudderless personal growth journey that I undertook.

    Basically, I could create the content that I needed 8 years ago when my life was feeling extra… blah.

    Before I knew it – my  mission became to: 

    • Show people how easy it is to make life feel less… blah
    • Encourage and inspire busy people with lives that feel… blah
    • Help people create actionable and attainable steps so life can feel less…  blah.
    • Support people through content that isn’t boring and… blah.

    I feel like I need to mention here – that sharing my stories and content is actually a continuing personal battle. I am someone with a deep-seated need for privacy and keeping people out of my business (hence the sharing hangover). But, I guess it is a constant and helpful reminder that good things don’t come easily…

    If my story resonates with you – you are in the right place. 

    My content is dedicated to you and helping you build a life that is less… blah.

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