How to set goals – 3 easy tips

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November 12, 2021

Have a dream but are wondering how to set a goal so you can get there? 

There is a lot of information out there that can make goal setting daunting. But here are three quick tips that will have you sailing in no time.


1. Be certain the goal is for you

One of the keys to successfully achieving your goals is personal motivation.

To have the best chance of attaining the goal you need to start by self-reflecting and ensuring your goal is aligned with your personal vision and purpose. 

You need to understand “why” you really want to achieve this goal and “why” it is something that moves and excites you. 


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How to set goals


2. Know what you need

After you have chosen the right goals – you must make sure you have everything in place you need to achieve them.

This will help you to start thinking logistically about your goal – but also about who you will need to support you and help you to be accountable.

For example, if a key resource can’t make time for you – you must put a plan in place to factor this in.

If they can’t help at this time – don’t automatically set the goal aside until they can. First, think about if there are other people that can help support this goal. Or, consider if there are other ways to achieve this goal.


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3. Use timeframes that will support you

One of the easiest ways to make progress on your goals is to utilise timeframes to spur on your motivation.

Chunking bigger goals down into smaller bite-size goals is always great practice for goal attainment. The more bite-sized goals you achieve – the more motivated you will be.

When writing goals down – break them down to focus on the next action step only.


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Completing these three steps will support you to set off on a successful journey in no time. Just remember, the most important part is to understand “why” a goal is important to you. If this foundation is right – you will have clear skies from there.




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