Achieve your goals the easiest way possible

Achieve your goals the easiest way possible

You have a goal you want to achieve. Awesome! Do you find yourself wishing for a magic wand?

Now is when the real battle begins.

Anyone that has ever tried to reach a goal would know – achieving big goals takes a lot of hard work and dedication. But, there are small things you can do to help yourself find a storybook ending.

These are my 4 top tips for you to help you achieve your goals the easiest way possible.

Don’t think big goals – just work on the next little step

By achieving small goals you can create motivation through self-efficacy or small wins. The more wins you put on the board the more your motivation will build. 

So if you want to achieve your goals the easiest way possible, experiment with keeping your timeline under 2 weeks and just concentrate on one step at a time. 

Extra tip – I always like to make the first step due by the end of the day to get myself off to a flying start!

Create a path of least resistance

We are creatures of habits and for most of us, habits are only created when we make it super easy for ourselves. 

So, when you are planning your goals – plan to slip your required action into your existing lifestyle as simply as possible. Then, do as much setup as you can.

So, when it is time for action – you have done your best to make it easy for yourself.

Setting yourself up for success will minimise the excuses you make in the moment for not going after your goals. This will increase your chances of action taking!

Feel accountable to your goals

To give yourself a fighting chance I recommend finding an accountability system that works for you.

Here are a few examples:

1. Share your goals

But, do it with the right people. These are people that will support and encourage you.

2. Have other people hold you accountable

Try setting up an accountability partnership with a friend. Or, join/create a group of like-minded goal-achieving people.

3. Create accountability in your day

Display them in an obvious place so every day you can remind yourself to be responsible for your success.

Really understand your “Why?”

If you want the best chance of attaining a new goal – be VERY excited about it!

If you want to be VERY excited about your goal. You need to have a deep understanding of why you need this goal in your life and how it is important to you.

A helpful question to ask yourself is:

What will my life be like when I attain this goal?

After answering this question you want to be buzzing. 

If you are not, you might want to think about shelving it for another time. And find something else to work on that lights you up.

Are you trying to achieve your goals the easiest way?

So, although this isn’t a fairy tale where all your wildest dreams will easily come true. If you keep these simple things in mind when you are taking action on your goals you can do to make your happy ending a little more achievable.

Goal setting for a new you

Goal setting for a new you

Time for a new you?

Looking to make some positive changes in the new year but don’t know where to start?

Want to feel more fulfilled, more successful and more like you are getting things right but don’t know how? 

Are looking to stop living your life on auto-pilot but don’t know how to live more intentionally?

The goal-setting challenge

Sometimes we can feel like we need more from/in our lives but we don’t know where to start.

I know this. Because this was me. 

And if this is you too, I want to share some suggestions that made a big difference in my life. These are the secrets behind my personal definition of success.

Let’s start with goals

If you aren’t thinking about goals – you certainly should be!

Goals are an essential component of a life that feels fulfilled. They give your life essential structure, direction and a sense of achievement that helps you thrive.

But remember, not all goals are created equally. The key to goals that enrich your life is that they:

  • Are manageable and practical in your busy life
  • Align with a rewarding and fulfilling vision of your life
  • Are designed the right way so you set yourself up for success

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Want a happy life?

Happiness could be thought of in two ways:

  • The more fleeting – jumping up and down with excitement and joy
  • The more enduring – feelings of contentment, fulfillment and worthwhileness derived from things that are meaningful.

The older we get the more we equate meaning in our lives (option 2) with a happy life. Additionally, having meaning in life has been linked to life satisfaction and better physical health and wellbeing.

So, if you are thinking about goals for the new year one place you might want to start is: 

  • Think about the things in your life that bring you a sense of meaning.

And if it feels a little lacking – a great goal would be to aim to sprinkle extra meaningful things into your week.


A sense of purpose – or a driving reason to get out of bed in the morning – has many benefits to both your mental and physical health.

A sense of meaning is an important part of purpose. The other two important components according to research are: 

  • Goals aligned to the pursuit of meaning & 
  • The pursuit of the benefit of others.

If you are thinking about your purpose. A good place to start is to think about if you have a compelling reason to jump out of bed in the morning? 

If you can’t think of one – it might be worth having a brainstorm. Think about: 

  • How you can be of service to others, by
  • Doing activities that bring you meaning.

Then an excellent goal for the new year is to put a plan in place to make this happen.

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Do you have enough things in your life at the moment that make you smile, laugh and bring you feelings of joy?

Above, I mentioned the kind of enduring happiness we get from meaning/purpose and the many benefits. But we need to make sure we have enough of the fleeting/exciting type as well!

Because the fact is your life can be chockablock full of purposeful and personally rewarding activities but you find that you are missing laughter, joy and play.

If this resonates with you, a good place to start is thinking about the things in your week that bring you joy, make you laugh/smile, feel fun and playful. 

When you weigh them up against the other things in your week, does it feel enough? 

If not, sounds like you have a fun goal to re-address the balance in your week!


Do you know what your core values are?

I like to think of core values as your most important boxes – that sit right in the foundations of who you are. They are tick boxes. And the more you tick these boxes the better you can feel about life. 

These are the things that motivate your behaviour. But, you can ignore them and act in conflict without realising. And unfortunately, sometimes in life when we are so caught up in work, family, etc. We might not realise that these boxes are not getting ticked.

In my experience, living aligned with your core values can be the difference between a life that feels… blah and one that feels fulfilling.

So, adding more activities to your life that align with your core values could be a great goal for you to consider in the new year.


Are you someone that sees the glass is half empty or half full? 

If you have read the above and thought to yourself: 

“I have goals, meaning/purpose, happiness and value-aligned activities in my life. But I still feel like things should be better.”

You might need to work on your mindset.

The way we feel, react and interact (for the most part) is all a consequence of our choices. Whether conscious or not these are driven by our mindset.

And unfortunately, our brains are wired to be pretty negative (for safety reasons).

If you work on having a positive mindset then there is a chain reaction of positivity that can happen in your life. 

If you neglect your mindset and let it sit comfortably in negativity, you can expect a negative chain reaction.

So, if you are feeling the glass is half empty right now – this is a great thing to work on (if you are willing to do the hard work!).

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Ready to transform into a new you?

If you are ready for bigger and better things the first step is to discover what you need in your life to transform it into one that feels rewarding. 

Consider these elements above and discover what might be missing from your life.

This could be the first step towards creating a life you want and deserve.

Want more help creating a life you love?

Feel free to check out my free course below that will support you to explore your life so you can build the goals you need for a more rewarding, fulfilling and intentional life.

Ready to feel like a better version of you?

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    A low effort happiness boost for those inevitable days

    A low effort happiness boost for those inevitable days

    Have you noticed when you most need a happiness boost your motivation is at an all time low?

    It is certainly true for me. If I am feeling a little blue, finding the energy for an activity that will boost my happiness seems like the last thing I can do. In fact, when I am lying on the couch under my blanket – the last thing I want to do is work on my happiness.

    But, although we might not want to make the effort, it is times like these when we need a happiness boost the most. That’s why I recommend having a few effective low-effort activities you can pull out of your back pocket when needed.

    If you don’t have a list already – below are my 7 go-to low effort happiness boost exercises to help get the ball rolling.

    Happiness boost

    Show gratitude

    There is a lot of research about the best way to approach gratitude exercises to boost your happiness over the long term. But for me, gratitude works great as an instant fix. 

    When you’re feeling low grab your phone and send a gratitude text to someone. Take the time to genuinely describe your appreciation for something they have done/do. Writing the text will give you a boost as you think about them and how best to thank them. And if you get a nice response – that is a lovely added bonus.

    Smiling/Act happy

    Your facial expressions play a part in setting your mood. Pretending to be happy can trick your brain into believing you are happy. (Fun fact, a study has found that people that can’t frown because of botox as less likely to be sad.)

    One advantage I have found in this world of mask-wearing is when someone annoys me (which is not uncommon) I can grin like an idiot under my mask to start turning my mood around. 

    Phone a friend

    We are built for social connections and interactions with the people we care about will make us happier. Obviously, some of our loved ones will make us feel happier than others when we are feeling down. So, pick the friend you need and make a meaningful connection to boost your mood. 

    If you can’t get in touch with a friend. A friendly chat with an engaging stranger will also help. So put on your fake smile and jump into those “Nice weather we are having” conversations.

    Think of happy times

    Thinking about a good memory can also help to improve your mood. When you are feeling low, take the time to relax and really explore a pleasant memory. Why were you happy? What did it sound like? What did it smell like? See if you can get a smile back on your face.


    Hugs help release your bonding hormone oxytocin which will help lift your mood. The research suggests that a 20sec cuddle is a sweet spot and it can work with humans, animals, yourself and hug machines. 

    But if you were thinking about grabbing a stranger for a squeeze – you do have an alternative. Lingering eye contact can also get the oxytocin going – so that may be a better option for legal reasons.


    Exercise is a great way to get the endorphins flowing and your mood improving. However, if you are anything like me, what little motivation I have to exercise does not exist when I am feeling down.

    So my hot tip is to roll off the couch and start with an exercise that is low to the ground. My personal favourite is push-ups. By the end of a couple of sets, the endorphins have kicked in and I am usually laughing at myself because I am struggling so much.

    Try something new

    Novalty is a great way to pick up your mood. So put your thinking cap on and think of ways you can try something new with little as effort possible. You may enjoy learning something new on Youtube or getting a new food delivered to your door. Think of the things that interest you and can spark joy in your times of need.

    Is your pocket full of happiness boost tricks? 

    So next time you are feeling in need – make sure you have a pocket full of tricks ready to pull out as needed. The most effective activities will be different for everyone so make sure you know what works for you.

    Please note: These activities are meant for little happiness boosts when you are feeling a little down. If you are struggling with your happiness make sure you reach out to an appropriate professional immediately to get the support you need.

    Want to boost your happiness the easy way?

    This 7-day challenge will teach you simple activities (18 of them!), tips and tricks to transform your life into one that makes you smile.

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      Three questions to ask yourself when your goals go off the rails

      Three questions to ask yourself when your goals go off the rails

      Our lives are not static and our goals can grow and change in the same way we do. They can be influenced by both internal and external factors. So, as we learn more about ourselves and the world around us – our goal journey can require tweaking.

      If you feel out of touch with your goal journey. There is no need to worry. The answer to these three questions can help you evaluate and make required adjustments.

      Am I still excited about my goal?

      Many things in life can stop us from reaching our life goals. Such as: 

      • Being distracted by other priorities
      • Feeling unmotivated to take action
      • Feeling overwhelmed by the process

      These are all normal issues we need to overcome as part of the process. But if your goal journey has gone off the rails you should reflect to see if there are deeper reasons to consider.

      If you are feeling out of touch with your goals – take the opportunity to check and make sure they are still right for you.

      The key to your motivation is to ensure your goal journey still excites you.

      Self-reflect on the following: 

      1. Am I still feeling excited about achieving my goals? If not, why not?

      Once you reflect on the questions above – you should be in one of two places.

      • Ready to reinvigorate your goal journey: In which case – check-in with your goal plan and make any adjustments you need to move forward.
      • Ready to start again: It is never a bad idea to go back to the drawing board with your goals.


      Has my life shifted?

      As our life progresses and our experiences multiply and what brings us meaning will naturally evolve as a result. As this evolves – so will our goals.

      If you feel out of touch with your goal journey – take the time to self-reflect. Perhaps subtle (or massive) changes in your life require your goals to shift gears.

      Self-reflect on the following: 

      1. When I think about what is most important in my life – does anything different come up?
      2. If it does – consider what effect it has on your goals and make any required changes.

      Where is my focus?

      Sometimes internal factors creep into the way we shape and achieve our goals. These can come from issues such as:

      • Perfectionism 
      • Fear of failure 
      • Imposter syndrome 
      • Self-doubt 
      • Comparison with others

      These factors can influence goals and behaviors, and change their focus. 

      We find ourselves focusing on these issues and not the goals we need to be working on. We can find ourselves modifying activities to protect ourselves from being uncomfortable. And we can focus on the dark tunnel and not the light we need to reach on the other side.

      Self-reflect on the following: 

      1. What am I trying to achieve and what thoughts are stopping me from taking action.
      2. Try to understand why you are having these thoughts. (Continue to ask yourself: But why do I think that until you hit a root cause?)
      3. If required, revisit your goals – and make any changes required.

      As your lives evolve – your goal journey will too.

      So don’t be afraid to keep re-shaping your goals. Continue to self-reflect and make the changes you need to go full steam ahead.




      How to set goals – 3 easy tips

      How to set goals – 3 easy tips

      Have a dream but are wondering how to set a goal so you can get there? 

      There is a lot of information out there that can make goal setting daunting. But here are three quick tips that will have you sailing in no time.


      1. Be certain the goal is for you

      One of the keys to successfully achieving your goals is personal motivation.

      To have the best chance of attaining the goal you need to start by self-reflecting and ensuring your goal is aligned with your personal vision and purpose. 

      You need to understand “why” you really want to achieve this goal and “why” it is something that moves and excites you. 


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      How to set goals


      2. Know what you need

      After you have chosen the right goals – you must make sure you have everything in place you need to achieve them.

      This will help you to start thinking logistically about your goal – but also about who you will need to support you and help you to be accountable.

      For example, if a key resource can’t make time for you – you must put a plan in place to factor this in.

      If they can’t help at this time – don’t automatically set the goal aside until they can. First, think about if there are other people that can help support this goal. Or, consider if there are other ways to achieve this goal.


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      3. Use timeframes that will support you

      One of the easiest ways to make progress on your goals is to utilise timeframes to spur on your motivation.

      Chunking bigger goals down into smaller bite-size goals is always great practice for goal attainment. The more bite-sized goals you achieve – the more motivated you will be.

      When writing goals down – break them down to focus on the next action step only.


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      Completing these three steps will support you to set off on a successful journey in no time. Just remember, the most important part is to understand “why” a goal is important to you. If this foundation is right – you will have clear skies from there.