If you are busy working hard, looking after everyone else and just getting on with being an adult. It is easy for you to not realise what you really need in your life. 

The things you need to honestly feel like you are living your best life…

That’s where I can help you.

As seen in:

Now – let’s be real: 

  • “Living your best life” sounds a little naïve?
  • It is rare you can find the energy or time for yourself?
  • Adult life seems to be about being sensible and stable and not about what you want or need?

But – take a minute to think about: 

  • How quickly every year seems to pass by…
  • How easily you could live a life that feels average…
  • That when all is said and done you could regret wasting your precious time…

Then – consider that you are only small tweaks away from feeling: 

  • Truly successful and aligned with who you really are
  • Things are worthwhile day-to-day because you have a sense of meaning
  • That everyday makes you smile because you have found the right balance of purpose and joy

Does this resonate with you?

If so – you are in the right place. 

You are the reason I do what I do.

Annie Draper Sharing Hangover

I’m guessing if you are here – you probably have a few questions for me. Let me try to answer them.

“Who are you?”

I am a personal coach that helps busy millennial women find ways to make their lives feel rewarding and meaningful. (With the little time they have for themselves)

“What is this place?”

A safe space full of lots of goodies to help you start living a life that feels personally successful, fulfilled and happier. Including my signature course which can help you transform your life from blah to brilliant. 


“But – why is it called the Sharing Hangover?”

I share my stories and content because I know it can help you – although I find it a personal battle. I am someone with a deep-seated need for privacy and keeping people out of my business (hence the sharing hangover). But, I know suffering discomfort is worth it if I can help you!

“Why should I care?”

Well… You certainly don’t have to! But if you pause after people ask “How are you?” because honestly you could be better… Then this is a great place for you to be. 

“What do people think of you?”

Only wonderful things (obviously). Here’s a few examples.

I love how relatable Annie’s website is and she has created a program that is so easy to follow in order to stick to a routine. The reason why I stuck to her and her content was how easy it was to reach out in order to ask for advice and encouragement.

Annie is helping people (myself included) with content like her Goals Workbook that was an amazing way to keep myself in check and it was very easy to access.

Annie has helped me tremendously with sticking to my goals, I reached out when I was having a chronic issue of procrastinating with my goals are Annie gave me great advice that I have been sticking to ever since. I am beyond grateful.

Augusta O.

Maastricht, Netherlands.

I can’t recommend Annie’s content and courses enough.

She has an incredible insight into people and takes a highly practical approach to helping you achieve your goals.

Her gentle guidance will help you return to yourself, identify your passions and goals in life, and create a plan to achieve these.

In world of distractions she offers a calm, focused and practical space. You will feel calmer, happier and more in control of your life through engaging with Annie.

Clare G.

Canberra, Australia.

Hi! I’m Annie.


I spent 15+ years in the corporate world – feeling like I needed something else. There was nothing overtly wrong with my job or life… I just had a “there has got to be more to life” feeling.

I was always trying to make changes. More qualifications, volunteering, the occasional new hobby. I was always looking for something more. But always returning to that feeling of… blah. 

Then, one day I accidentally found something that combined my passions and skills that felt… meaningful. 

 For the first time, I had a strong sense that I had a purpose and this was what had been missing from my life that felt…blah.

I no longer felt like I was just putting up with life. I was no longer dreaming about all the other things that might make it better.

 What was that thing? This blog and my online coaching content.

My mission became to help you skip the long personal growth journey I went through and provide you with everything you need. Everything you need to transform your life into one you love. One that is aligned to who you really are and who you really want to be. 

Annie Mudin

Fun Fact #1

My favourite thing I have learnt from researching happiness, meaning and purpose is that rats giggle.

Fun Fact #2

My favourite food is pizza. Any type. From anywhere. At any temperature. At any time.

Fun Fact #3

My first job was as a Dance Teacher – and I was terrible at it!

Fun Fact #4

I love naps. They might be my favourite thing to do…

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