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Sharing – to inspire you to reinvent your life (a bit)

Sharing – so you can live a purposeful life (or a little bit more at least) 

Sharing – to help you reach personal goals (that are right for you) 

The Sharing Hangover  is here to help you insert a little extra goodness into your life. (That is casual speak for – a personal growth and coaching blog) 

Welcome! It’s great to see you here.


I’m Annie

Once upon a time, my life was fine – it was just a bit… blah.

My main motivation for dragging myself through my 9-5 was my next holiday. And, although there was nothing overtly wrong with my life… it just became hard to ignore the “there has got to more to life” feeling.

So, in an effort to “de-blah” my life – I went on a rudderless personal growth journey that accidently led me to a life that feels fulfilled and personally satisfying.

Now, I want to encourage and help other people “de-blah” their lives. (Without the haphazard journey.)

So, if your life is feeling a bit “blah”…

Welcome, you have come to the right place. I’m excited to share with you.


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