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    Sharing Hangover


    I’m Annie

    The Sharing Hangover is here to help you insert a little extra goodness into your life. 

    (That is casual speak for – a personal growth & coaching blog) 

    I want to help you make life feel less… blah.

    I share content that focuses on inspiring and encouraging you to dial up the feelings of happiness, meaning and purpose in your life – using easy and personalised life goals.

    Sharing Hangover

    Adulting feel a little… mundane? 

    Do all the “right things” in life – but feel a little… unfulfilled?

    Impossible with your busy work, family, etc. to make like feel less… blah?

    But… maybe you would still like to dial up the happiness, meaning or purpose in your life?

    If… you could avoid your time, energy, and money getting sucked down the black hole that is the world of self-improvement…

    if this resonates with you


    You are in the right place


    The Sharing Hangover is here to help you:

    • Explore your options to make your life feel less… blah

    • Provide actionable tips that are practical for your lifestyle &

    • Get you started making changes in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

    It’s time for a life that feels less… blah. 

    Free 5-day email course

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      Find purpose at work – without jumping ship

      Purpose at work is non-negotiable.  Given how important purpose in life is and the fact we spend most of our lives working - finding purpose at work is key to our well-being. For some of us, this may feel like an uphill battle. But there is good news. The...

      Your guide to happiness formulas

      Choose your own adventure If you are trying to be happier you may be looking for a simple formula - a happiness formula. We live in world of systems, formulas and programs that promise to help us achieve our goals. And when it comes to dialing up feelings of happiness...

      Struggles with finding life balance

      Finding life balance is an ongoing task that we should all pay attention to. The right balance can transform your life from feeling average to joyous - whether your life is a three-ring circus, a high-wire act or you are in charge of cleaning elephant dung. Life has...

      Dealing with imposter syndrome – 10 genuine tips

      I don’t have a problem dealing with imposter syndrome. People are just constantly mistaken about how good my achievements are... If you are dealing with imposter syndrome you may feel that you do not deserve your success, you don't have enough experience, or you are...

      4 Tips you need for scary changes

      100% ready for a scary change in your life but freaking out 100%? I’ve been there. Big changes in your life that you want, are ready for, and are excited about - can still be super scary.  There are a number of reasons for this and there are a number of things...

      How to live an intentional life

      This is a story about how to live an intentional life. And why, undisputedly, it is important. When it comes to how to live an intentional life – I think it is important to step back from the noise, methods and devotees. Find the space to self-reflect and tune into your life. Be aware of what you are doing and why.

      Are you feeling discouraged? 15 Tips you need

      15 tips to help you get back on the horse - when you are feeling discouraged with your goals. Feeling discouraged or disheartened is something we all experience during our goal journeys. When this happens - doubt can creep up on us. We can worry we will never reach...

      The life changing goal setting tip

      This goal setting tip is the secret sauce for your goals This goal setting tip will ensure you choose the best path for your goals. It can craft the vaguest goal into a well defined path. A pathway that is completely aligned with your values and priorities. I call my...

      Obstacles in achieving goals – Is your brain sabotaging you?

      Do you find obstacles in achieving goals? You are not alone. You might come across them during the goal-building journey or in the process of pursuing them.  But, if you have trouble getting started on your goal journey or find your goals forever changing - your...

      Living a boring life – You can stop now

      You can stop life feeling bored and... blah. Research has found that living a boring life correlates with a lack of happiness and meaning. This means - the less we experience feelings of happiness and meaning in our day-to-day - the more bored with our lives we may...

      How to stop being negative

      Tell your inner negativity bias that the glass is half full! Are you guilty of being a Negative Nellie? I think many of us can be. I certainly am. It can be a struggle to stop being negative. But, for the benefit of your day-to-day (and the day-to-day of the people...

      Living a purposeful life – is not quite enough

      Why I advocate for: a package deal; avoiding being a miserable purpose-driven engine; & balancing out the joy-suckers.  These days - I feel like everyone is telling us to live a purposeful life. Research tells us that living a purposeful life has many...

      Goal setting challenge equals wildly transformative

      Want an easy goal setting challenge that will change your life?  Goal setting challenges come in all shapes and sizes. The focus of this one - is to show how easy they can be. But, I also want to show you - how life-changing they can be.  The key to a goal...

      Wellness wheel activity equals game changer

      Just like a pizza... A Wellness Wheel Activity (also known as an 8 Dimensions of Wellness Activity) can provide important guidance when you are ready to change your life for the better and design personal goals. It also answers an important question:  Does your...

      Why self-reflection is important

      It’s like flossing your teeth instead of eating chocolate. Have you wondered why self-reflection is important? I want to tell you - there are so many reasons. Self-reflection is the starting point for self-understanding and learning. There are many benefits -...

      Being a good friend (The tips you need)

      Being a good friend can be deceivingly complicated. Being a good friend can be tough in our busy lives with limited time for connection. We can end up focusing on what we need from our friends and not how we can be a good friend ourselves. We can play an integral part...


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